Grade 8 yearbooks will be made available to our students this year. Payment can be made online (see school website under Links for Parents) or by cheque made out to ARES. Please indicate your method of payment and return this ORDER FORM  to the classroom teacher.


Health Unit Letter regarding potential measles exposure in Collingwood and Alcona.

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On Friday, Ontario Education Leadership Camp leader and teacher Kristi Reynolds facilitated a day of leadership activities for our intermediate students. It was a great day for all!

Leadership Day on PhotoPeach

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On Thursday April 10th, five grade 8 students from Mr. Turner’s room participated in the Simcoe County Cardboard Boat Race Challenge in Midland.
The team had two hours to construct a boat out of two 4′ x 8′ sheets of cardboard. Their boat was then tested for speed and weight capacity.

The team was also scored on their co-operation and teamwork during the construction phase of the challenge. We had a great time! – Danielle & Natasha

Cardboard Boat Races from Sean Cappadocia on Vimeo.

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Dot Art



MaddieThis week Mrs. Hardy and Ms. Gilbert’s class created floral dot art using pointillism to represent the traditional beadwork created by the Metis Aboriginal people of New France in the 1700’s.

On April 4th, the grade one students travelled to the Tiffin Conservation Centre to learn about maple syrup production. After trudging through the sugar bush to collect sap buckets, they tried their hand at drilling holes using a Pioneer tool called an auger and measuring trees to see how many sap buckets each tree could hold. They watched as water was evaporated from the sap using hot rocks (the Native method), large irons pots (the Pioneer method) and in an evaporator (the Modern method). The students said that the BEST part of the trip was tasting the delicious, sweet maple syrup!


imagesCA53U86VWe have sold nearly 100 tickets to date! This is going to be a great night to enjoy a baseball game with family and friends at the Rogers Centre. We have 45 people who are interested in taking a school bus down to the game. We will cap the number of passengers at 60. There will be an $8 surcharge per ticket. An additional note will go home to those interested in the transportation option with the amount owing.

Please send in forms and money for tickets by April 17th.
Go Jays Go!

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Thank you to Algonquin Ridge teachers Mrs. Hewson and Mrs. Jackman as well as Mrs. Watson from our school board for hosting a parent workshop yesterday after school. Parents received hands-on training on the effective ways to use assistive technology for their children. Parents explored programs such as Word Q, Kurzweil and other software that is available here at the school and that can be accessed at home.

Join us on April 24th at 5:30 as we will share additional technology resources and information during Technology Night At The Ridge.

This is what some grade fours thought about the Ancient Civilizations presentation……It was really cool.
There were real swords, axes, gold, bugs and cobra skins.
Some students got to wear costumes and hold the swords.
We are learning about this in social studies.
They don’t just talk about it you can act it out. The costumes were realistic.
You can look and touch things that you aren’t allowed to touch at the museum.
We learned what amazing things they invented, for example “Gum”.
It’s an awesome; it’s funny and an amazing presentation.
Anybody that likes ancient stuff would have loved this presentation.
Do you want to see the Ancients? Come and see Blades of Glory and see mummification, Aztecs and even “weddings”.
I didn’t have a favourite part because the whole thing was amazing!
There is even a mummy in a tomb, it’s kind of freaky!
They show you all sorts of cool stuff that is really old and a few things are even 5000 years old.
Mrs. Gray got to be a queen.
It was fun and entertaining. They had many things such as a 5000 year old artifact.

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333Congratulations to the junior girls basketball team for winning their games against Alcona Glen and Pope John Paul yesterday. Good work team!